Using Closet Shelf Organizer For Sewing And Quilting

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Closet Organizer With Drawers

Whether it’s for a weekend warrior hobby or a daily hobby, sewing materials can quickly take over the room. Keeping the closet shelf organizer can help tailors complete projects faster and easier. One way to stay on cloth and the idea is to use a modular closet system. This can be arranged in a room with a wall next to the sewing machine area and a cutting table for easy access. Most sewing people already have at least one box to hold coils and threads. The challenge often lies in keeping these boxes in the middle of cloth rolls and pattern bumps.


Fabric folded into several parts can be stored in a stack on the shelf. Each must be seen from outside the shelf. The width of the fabric should easily fit into the rack without paying attention to the extra folds. Bolts are stored upright on the shelf to make fabric choices and simple inventory. The shelves are also convenient for stacking sewing boxes filled with yarn and half-used coils. A shoe box or any plastic container with compartments can be labeled and stacked on top of each other, then placed on a shelf for easy reference. This prevents storage of the floor and the accompanying tripping hazard.

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Fine fabrics and materials that have been pressed to anticipate the project can be hung on trouser hangers to avoid creases or wrinkles. Ongoing garments can be hung on horizontal poles for easy access. Keeping tape and elastic rolls on baby hangers is another way to stay organized while having a clear view of the inventory options.


Modular closet arrangement systems are a practical touch for tailors or tailors and quilting binding. Wire baskets are easily accessible as full pull compartments with quilting squares, sewing and craft patterns, ribbon rolls and lace. Concepts such as ricrac, buttons, and zips are also ideal candidates for wire baskets.


For quilters and sewers alike, drawers serve special purposes. They keep the tools and accessories safe and orderly. Scissors, hoops, thimbles, seam rippers, spare needle packages and presser foot accessories should not be abandoned if there are children or antique pets in the household. Keeping it in a drawer keeps things from being lost or causing harm to visitors.

Sewing, quilting, and crafting can be fun, but they also take up valuable space. Materials and accessories can also take over the room without organizational structure. Using a closet arrangement system for sewing and hobby craft looks neat and professional while providing users with enough space for fun with cloth, sewing machines, sergers and understanding.

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