Wall Mounted Fans In Bathroom

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Small Wall Mounted Fan

Wall mounted fans common unit available in many bathrooms is an extract air fan. The fan draws moisture out of the bathroom, making it more comfortable for people who use it and reduce the moisture level, where mold and mildew thrive. If your fan breaks, replacing it is a fairly simple project, even if you need to take precautions like it’s an electrical appliance.


Turn off the power to the decorative wall mounted fans at the main electrical fields. Remove the engine assembly by screwing it or bending it from the fan housing. Remove the cover plate that hides the cables inside the fan housing. Pull the cables out of the fan housing and twist the plastic connector cover to expose the wire connections. If you get a reading, go back and turn off the correct arc at the main electrical fields. Turn the power switch back after testing the threads. Separate the cables that lead from the electrical box from the cables in the fan. Unscrew the lock nut or cable connector that holds the wires in place.

Unscrew the quiet wall mount fan housing and remove it from the wall. Place the housing for the new fan in the hole. If it is too large, trace the contours on the wall and cut it with a drywall saw. Install the fan in the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the fan to the electrical cable that leads from your main box by connecting the black cable to the black cable, the white cable to the white wire, and the green cable to the green wire with the plastic connector cover. Screw the cover plate over the wires. Install the grill on the fan. Reset the power of your main electrical field. Set the fan to the top of the windowsill.

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Most window fans sit right on the lower track in the window. If you place a regular box of fan in the window, place a block of wood on the threshold at the top of the window track. This will prevent the front of the fan from tipping over to the room. Hold the fan upright and close the window over the fan. The window socket holds the fan in place. Some window fans have side supplements like those for balm windows air. Extend side extensions needed for a safe fit in the window. Connect the fan power cord to the socket closest to the window. You may need to move the fan to another window to find a closer outlet. Hire an electrician if you are not comfortable to complete this project.

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