Wall Mounted Shelves For Bedroom

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Wall Mounted Electronics Shelves

If you want a quick way to add several characters and styles to each room, place a few wall mounted shelves. There are some pretty shelves available today and this is a relatively inexpensive way to make changes and add valuable storage space to your home. Here are some of the latest styles to give you some new ideas:

Country Style Solid Oak Shelves with Shaker Pegs

This rack is a very beautiful storage rack that will look good in your kitchen, bedroom or living room. Made of ¾ “Red Oak and the color are deep and rich and very attractive. This wooden shelf measures 24” and has several practical pegs below where you can hang cups or towels. Wall mounted shelves have angular shapes with detailed edges and simple straight patterns for the back plate. This wooden shelf will be great for displaying cups or mugs, photos in frames, cups and all kinds of decorative ornaments. You can buy lots of wall mounted shelves from Dave’s Wood Goods online and this style costs $ 54.95 with a long choice.

Solid Modern Wall Mounted Style Shelves with Gallery Rail

This shelf is in bright colors from oak which is the color of honey and has a toothed back plate and continuous rails around the shelf to make it very decorative. Size 24 “costs $ 44.95. If you really lack space why not get some corner shelves to solve your storage problems, there is a lot to choose from on this site. If you prefer the appearance of a slim and efficient metal shelf in your kitchen then you will love this Eagle Mounted Shelf Group Wall, intended to be used as a pantry cabinet for a messy kitchen and it’s made of stainless steel.

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A large new office shelf is now available at Sonoma Furniture Hutch Wall Mounted Shelving design. This is really unusual because the back shelf is open that resembles the inside of a cabinet with a top and bottom shelf and a vertical divider making different size cubby holes. This will be good for storing books, binders and computer disks. You can buy a table to match this wall mounted shelf unit and I really like the clean modern look. I can also see this office shelf looks really good in every room in your home. For example, in the teenage bedroom it will be useful and draw a wall shelf attached and it is perfect for storing your CD in the living room.

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