Wrought Iron Chairs Best Old Fashioned Furniture

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Victorian Wrought Iron Chair Ideas

Wrought iron chairs adds an old-fashioned style to any outdoor space. Iron furniture is very susceptible to rust, and your furniture can be damaging as a result. However, repairing your wrought iron furniture is easier than you think. With a little hard work and a couple of inexpensive items, your furniture can be see as it did the day you bought it. Remove all paint and rust using sandpaper or a chemical remover both items are available at furniture and home improvement stores. For severely oxidized wrought iron, a chemical remover is better. When you are finish, you want to be able to see the money under the iron, clean the wrought iron furniture thoroughly to remove any old paint, rust or sandpaper rusty allow the furniture to dry completely.

Spray or paint over a corrosion resistant primer that is make especially for metal surfaces, again these primers are available at furniture improvement stores. This will protect your furniture from future rust. Paint the wrought iron furniture with paint special for metal base. Do not use wall paint, as it will peel very easily on metal base. Wrought iron chairs are known for their longevity and durability, which makes them ideal for use in patios, terraces and other outdoor areas. Although extremely strong, forged iron occasionally needs to be repaired. Exposure to rapid temperature fluctuations can cause vintage wrought iron chairs that expand and contract, making them susceptible to cracking. Sometimes it’s just a welding defect, in addition to looking unattractive, cracks weaken the structural integrity of wrought iron. Promptly repair cracked wrought iron chairs to keep them strong and prevent the growth of cracks.

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Move the chair outdoors or in a well-ventilated indoor area. Rub the cracked part of the wrought iron chairs indoor with a wire brush to loosen accumulated dirt. Put on disposable gloves. Squeeze equal quantities of liquid steel/epoxy resin and hardener from a two-part cold-welding compound kit onto a plastic lid or plastic container. Mix the two components together for 30 seconds with a wooden or plastic stick. Pack the mixture of compounds inside the crack with a spatula. So that no gaps remain, note that the compound begins to heal in 30 minutes. Moisten an old cloth with soapy water and wipe off any excess compound around the crack. Allow the compound to cure completely for 24 hours. For the purposes of appearance, sand and repaint the repaired area after the compound fully cure.

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